About us

Welcome to Grano De Cafe!

Thank you for visiting our store.

We are a dynamic couple that embarked on an adventure to try different coffees around the world. Based on our findings, good coffee was available, but you had to go out and get it. We want to bring the good coffee to you.

R25 x 6 days at 1 cup per day = R150 per week x 4 weeks = R600  x 2 people = R1200 per month...

This is what we pretty much ended up spending on coffee, absolutely crazy!

We wanted to provide an easy and cost effective solution for drinking good coffee. How many times have you forgotten to buy and ran ran out of coffee at home...NOT IDEAL RIGHT? 

Now it is as easy as JOINING OUR CLUB or purchasing a bag on OUR STORE

Imagine a place where we can drink coffee and learn about it at the same time. Our journey is to learn more about coffee, and we would love to have you join our journey. And what better way than to enjoy coffee together.

Check our our Club page at granodecafe.club if you are interested in joining.

Jordy de Roos
Founder Grano De Cafe